Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fastest Indian and wheels through history

I have a love/hate relationship with motorcycles. When I was younger I was in a minor motorcycle accident. Naturally, I tended to shy away from them after that. However, I still love to look at them and even ride as a passenger, with someone I trust, on the back of a Harley or Triumph.
I had the pleasure of visiting a wonderful garage, well actually its a museum. In Maggie Valley, NC, is an awesome place where there are more than 300 rare, classic and working motorcycles and a few vehicles. The founder, Dale, of Wheels Through Time ( is very passionate about his motorcycles and the other vehicles in the collection. "Every motorcycle has a story. I didn't just go out and buy them," explains Dale. No matter where you stop on the floor, or the second floor, Dale or his son, are happy to explain the history behind the motorcycle.
Dale was recently featured in an interview with Jay Leno at Pebble Beach.

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