Friday, March 28, 2008

Bike Month

Isn't it amazing how we have to have a special day, week or month to remind us of something? For instance did you know that there is a national procrastination day? Or frozen food month? Well March is National Bike month and obviously the idea is to get more people to get off their couch potato, glued to the computer behinds, and peddle! That's right. We want you to burn off some calories, make some new friends, don those bullet-looking helmets (you don't have to put on the spandex, please) and conserve our resources while cutting down on emissions. Thankfully our cities, states and national government understands this challenge we have, and appreciates what valuable land we have left. 
I love our Rails-to-Trails system. You can ride from towns, through suburbs, admiring nature, various forms of architecture and feel great, both during and after your excursion. These trails can take you from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh, PA. Re-acquaint yourself with history, or learn something new along the route. Follow rolling rapids, see one of Frank Lloyd Wrights masterpieces.
Maybe you want to make your next vacation (or mini-vacation) as a biking trip for the family or with friends. This will take a little planning, but will be a trip full of memories!