Friday, October 31, 2008

Jekyll Island

As you drive across the bridge, you can almost feel yourself stepping back in time. Don't be surprised when you witness men and women dressed in fine attire on the front lawn. They are partaking in the tournament play of croquet. As the mallet chucks the ball through metal rings, you can circle the lawn and admire the brick, old-style mansion. A playground for the rich, from a private hunting club to a state park gem. From tee time to tea time, this 240-acre, riverfront compound is a National Historic Landmark District and one of the largest ongoing restoration projects in the southeastern United States. 
A romantic getaway for couples, a respite, or girl-friends or guy weekend retreat, you will never be bored with this line up: fishing, boating, kayaking, biking, tennis, golf, birdwatching, soccer, camps for kids and more! Feel as though you are one of the America's elite families on winter retreat when you visit. As you will be treated with the hospitality as royalty.
After a rousing game of tennis, or hiking on the trails, meander over to the Cafe on the Wharf for a fresh, fruity, frozen beverage. After a refreshing repast, explore the grounds in the Pier Roads shops or the Historic District for treasures for sale. Or seek out hidden cache with a high-tech GPS for geocaching on the island. 
In addition to the beautiful grounds, also a resting place for migrating birds on the Atlantic Flyway, and architecture, I loved the loggerhead turtle rehab facility. The island is a major site for conservation and education.
Jekyll Island is also a superb location for business retreats with the only distractions coming from your participants anxious to enjoy Jekyll Islands paradise of sea fishing or sailing.
Visit them now.. while gas prices are still going down! Worth the drive!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hit the Road

Whenever I travel I always look for an opportunity to paddle a kayak or peddle on the trails. Not only is this  a great way to stay in shape, its a great way to see parts of the city or town where you are visiting. Getting up an hour earlier or skipping the television in your hotel room for beautiful foliage, learning to identify birds and feeling great are worth the one-hour of less sleep.
While in Springfield, Missouri, I found a beautiful gathering place for people of all ages, River Bluff Cave House is just one of the cities beautiful areas for respite and recreation. This family-friendly park offers trails and a cave to explore. Other city parks offer playgrounds, rose gardens, rock walls and picnic/grilling areas.
The morning air is fresh and exhilarating along the bike/walking paths. Springfield parks offer a plethora of recreational opportunities as well; from skating rinks to rugby fields. Feel free to rent a bike and hit the trails all over the city and into the charming neighborhoods.
Another one of my favorite past times is fishing. Missouri has a wealth of lakes, rivers and streams to cast your bait or fly. If you need to practice your casting technique you might want to visit Dogwood Canyon where you can catch plenty of Rainbow Trout. There are 2,200 acres of beautiful paradise here in the Ozarks, to explore on foot, by bike, on horseback or with a guided tram tour.
The Ozarks are also a great place for paddling. Whether you enjoy pleasure kayaking or canoes, you wont be disappointed with the scenery, wildlife or tranquility of Missouri/Arkansas's Garden of Eden. Borrow a canoe or kayak at Lake Springfield Park where you can paddle James River Water Trail.