Thursday, June 3, 2010

Canyoning & Biking Quebec Adventures!

Thrill-seekers in search of adventure are sure to love the two spectacular new sites offered by Canyoning Québec in Bras-du-Nord Valley, a stunning natural gem in Saint-Raymond. One site features a one-and-a-half day package with meals and an overnight stay in a shelter. All sites in the valley are operated by a dynamic tourism co-operative.

Portneuf is becoming an increasingly popular biking destination, thanks to the new 87-km (52.2-mi.) long bike path winding through the western part of the region. The Auberge du Couventde Saint-Casimir gives its guests the opportunity to explore the region safely by following personalized bike routes. Upon making a reservation at this inn, you will receive a personalized bike route by e-mail. Over 500 tourists have visited Western Portneuf by bicycle.

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