Sunday, April 25, 2010

St. Simons and the Georgia Golden Isles

It's been a while since I've been on a road trip. I have been so looking forward to relaxing on the beach up here at St. Simons, I didn't even check the weather forecast. That's very unlike me. But even with the slight rain shower we've had today and the blustery winds, it's all worth it.
It was a beautiful drive up, traffic wasn't the usual unorganized chaos. I enjoyed watching the sun come up as I was crossing over another smaller body of water in Central Florida. I'm relishing sipping green tea and marveling at the sunrises over the next few mornings.
As I gaze out my balcony doors, the waves are crashing into the rocks. Literally. The wind has been steadily increasing with the threat of sever thunderstorms, I'm even more intrigued. When you see the enormous blue-gray body of water, whipped into a frenzy, it goes on as far as the eye can see.
Whether its balmy and warm or windy with a light rain, there's something romantic about the beach. Even Georgia's 100 miles of coast, beckon any rider on the road to stop and gaze. It's captivating. Drawing you into it's kaleidoscope of versatile cultures. Yes, cultures. From the beautiful creatures that call the sea their home to the storms and weather brought on or intensified by the warm or cold water, or even the lives made; from crab fishing to transportation. The ocean is a true treasure trove. The bounty may be buried with sunken ships, a rainbow of coral and mammals or the pleasure one derives from living or vacationing on liquid gold, the ocean and other bodies of water can be calming, intoxicating, romantic and yes, even intimidating or daunting.
From anglers and pirates, to merchant ships and search and rescue expeditions, many a men have heroic tales to entice us further into their cave, the lure.
(stay tuned for more)

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