Monday, March 15, 2010

JetBoil Helios

I'm so excited, I just received my JetBoil Helios cookware and I'm looking forward to using it for the Americna Cancer Society's Relay for Life, coming up April 9-10, at Ocoee High School. We are excited, we have 48 teams registered for the West Orange County Relay! Our team, the West Orange Kiwanis Club has a tent where we will be offering complimentary spa facials and makeover for a donation to the ACS. Several of our members will be playing cards in between walking the track all night. We have quite a few teens from West Orange High School who will also be joining us for this Celebration!
it looks like my JetBoil Helios (cookware) is great for camping and hiking, is small, making it portable and very lightweight!
You can find out more here:
More on this fabulous product soon!
You can also go online to: if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation, or perhaps you are looking for information about Relay for Life or the American Cancer Society and their programs for patients, family and friends.


L.E.E. Design said...

Good luck on your great new adventure!! I hope everything goes perfect & you have a great time! Jess

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Congratulations on your upcoming participation in the Relay for Life. This is an outstanding example of people coming together to help others less fortunate.

Allison said...

What a fabulous event to participate in! I hope you have a great time. And I'm sure the JetBoil Helios will come in handy.

Happy Friday!
Allison Maslan