Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids everywhere

When you're pregnant you can't wait for your bundle of joy to be born. Then after they are you're lugging around diaper bags, bottles, toys, medicine, change of clothes-you basically need another set of luggage and then wish the little lanolium lizard (noun- baby or toddler who crawls on the floor) was back inside you, or perhaps older so they can tote their own toys and tools. Your little crumb snatcher, (noun) who grabs everything in site and attempts to maul it with their gums or little teeth are eating dirt and chasing animals in the wild, that are meant to stay in the wild. Can't find your keys? Check with the little rugrat, (noun) you know the one-running around taking things and hiding them. Or worse, your little peepot, (noun) yes that lovable child who pees all the time with or without a diaper on. And finally, snookums, (noun) your little devil who likes to snitch, or sneak thing when they think you aren't looking. Really, how dumb do they think we are. I'm not sure I'm happy my kids are older or wish I could send them off to grandma's until they are 24.  Happy Trails! Also connect at:

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